Problems Tool and TODO markers

Alvin Beach alvinbeach at
Wed Feb 26 16:07:17 UTC 2014


I am trying to get instances of FIXME, NOTE, DEBUG, etc. comments to appear in the Problems Toolview. In my settings, I have the following for the
"TODO marker words" under "Language Support":


For example, in mysource.cpp:

   // FIXME Hardcoded value here!

In past versions of KDevelop, possible starting with the 4.0 series, such FIXME/DEBUG/TODO lines would appear in the Problems toolview. However, now
they are not. Has this functionality been removed? Perhaps I missed a configuration setting somewhere?

I am using:

KDevelop 4.6.0
KDevelop Platform 1.6.0
KDE 4.12.2
openSUSE 12.3
C/C++ development

RPMs installed:



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