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Martin Fuhrer mfuhrer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 23:27:47 UTC 2014

Thanks Werner, that did the trick. Same story for the perforce plugin; even
though the version in kdevperforce.plugin is older (12), the plugin won't
load until I set it to 13.

A few more tips for any users deploying these plugins:

== perforce ==

Once I got the plugin to load, I still didn't see any Perforce item in my
contextual menus. Turns out you need to place a P4CONFIG
p4config.txt in one of the parent folders of your source files;
right-clicking on the source files will then present a Perforce submenu.

== cppcheck ==

Running cmake (on debian wheezy with kdevelop 4.3.1) presents the error
  Could NOT find KDevPlatform (missing: KDevPlatform_CONFIG) (Required is
at least version "1.5.0")
Just edit CMakeLists.txt and change KDevPlatform to 1.3.0 as follows:
  find_package(KDevPlatform 1.3.0 REQUIRED)
The plugin will then build with no problems.

On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 12:11 PM, Werner Joss
<werner at hoernerfranzracing.de>wrote:

> Am Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014, 11:57:32 schrieb Martin Fuhrer:
> > We are deploying kdevelop 4.3.1 on Debian wheezy at my workplace and
> would
> > like to test out the plugins for valgrind, perforce, and cppcheck. For
> now
> > I'm installing the plugins into .kde in my home directory. Unfortunately
> > I'm not having any success getting the plugins to show up in kdevelop.
> i think, this:
> > X-KDevelop-Version : '14'
> is the culprit - it shows the plugin is for kdevelop 4.4.x, but you are
> using
> 4.3.x
> try changing the version to 13 in the corresponding desktop file
> werner
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