cppcheck plugin for kdevelop available

Luis Felipe Dominguez Vega lfdominguez at estudiantes.uci.cu
Mon Nov 18 17:29:30 GMT 2013

This is my patch for cppcheck...

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Am Montag, 18. November 2013, 17:42:18 schrieb Werner Joss:
> so I'll try the latest kdev-upload plugin source and hope the automatic 
> version adaption will work...

..just for the record:
I managed to fetch kdev-upload sources version 1.5 from git and installed it 
but this version does still not have the mentioned auto-adapt version feature.
I also tried 1.6 then, which would not build against kdevelop 4.5.1 (cmake 
version errors)
seems I have to compile the whole kdevelop stuff v 1.6 to get this to work...


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