kdevelop new project w/ cvs remote repository

awbestesq awbestesq at gmail.com
Sat May 11 03:22:54 BST 2013


I am having some bother with cvs/new project in kdevelop. I have a remote repository accessed by "ext" method. From the command line all is well. I tok the cvs command from the messagebox:

cvs -q -d :ext:mesozoic:/opt/cvs import -m . library start vendor

The command runs fine.

The files have been checked out to a directory, ~/cvsroot/library.

Click on:
New From Template
App: library
Loc: ~/cvsroot/library
"The specified path already exists and contains files. Are you sure you want to proceed?"
VerCntrlSys: CVS

Source: ~/cvsroot/library  <-- read only
Repos: :ext:mesozoic:/opt/cvs
Mod: library
Vend: vendor
Rel: start
Com: gui frontend

MessBox: Could not import project
MessBox: Could not delete file ext:mesozoic:/opt/cvs.
MessBox: Could not create project from template

message window:
/tmp/kde-best/kdevelopNxAWTb> cvs -q -d :ext:mesozoic:/opt/cvs import -m 'gui frontend' library start vendor
mesozoic.atoka.org: No route to host
cvs [import aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

Command finished with error UnknownError.
Command exited with value 1.

I looked through the archives for a similar problem with no results. Any assist that may be provided is greatly appreciated.


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