forked-process debugging with KDevelop-4.4.1

Skippy VonDrake skippyvondrake at
Wed Mar 20 19:57:36 GMT 2013

How does one debug a forked process in KDevelop?

This is how I thought the process should work:

I have the main app loaded in KDevelop.
Start a new Session.
In code of forked process there is a long 'sleep()' at the beginning
of its execution.
Start debugging main program, I step to the 'fork' call.
In other session: Run->Attach to Process
A process list is displayed and I see the main app.
I step *over* the 'fork' call in main session.
In other session process list I see the new child process appear.
Select the child process and hit "OK".

Then an Error window pops up:
   Starup error - KDevelop
   Could not attach debugger:
   ptrace: Operation not permitted.



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