target name fragmented in kdevelop 4.4.1

Milian Wolff mail at
Wed Mar 13 18:07:49 GMT 2013

On Tuesday 19 February 2013 16:50:49 Jörg Becker wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem using target names containing cmake variables. I want all
> target names to include the version number. In cmake everything works like
> expected, but target names in subfolders are fragmented by kdevelop, which
> means I cannot select the target in GUI.
> Example:
> I build two targets. The first one is defined in the top level directory
> 'project' and the second one is defined in directory 'project/subFolder':
> project/CmakeListst.txt:
> set( VERSION 1.0.0 )
> project(targettest)
> add_subdirectory( subFolder )
> add_executable(targettest-${VERSION} main.cpp)
> project/subFolder/CmakeListst.txt:
> add_executable(subfolder_targettest-${VERSION} main.cpp)
> Running cmake creates the following executables in the build directory:
> build/targettest-1.0.0 and build/subFolder/subfolder_targettest-1.0.0
> This just what I want to have. But kdevelop shows the following targets:
> /targettest-1.0.0 which is correct and
> /subFolder/subfolder_targettest- which misses the version number.
> It seems kedevelop ignore the higher level CmakeListFile.txt and therefore
> miss their variable definitions.
> Do I miss something, or is it a bug? Is there another workaround than
> browsing for the executables to start/debug my programs with kdevelop?

Quite possibly a bug. To my knowledge we had a similar issue elsewhere that 
the context information of parent CMakeLists.txt files was not properly 
inherited by files deeper in the project tree.

Aleix - do you know anything about this?

Generally though, please create a simple test project that exhibits the faulty 
behavior. This allows us to reproduce the error and try to fix the issue. 
Create a bug on and upload the example project there please.

Milian Wolff
mail at
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