help me

Freddy Martinez Garcia freddy.martinez at
Tue Mar 12 17:58:27 GMT 2013

hi to everybody

I need 2 things from kdevelop:

1.- I need to see the outline functions in a list box or in a tree view, just 
like a Project dock zone or like a Classes dock zone. I can make this using 
the "outline combo box", but I need to know if there is any way to see the 
outline in a list box because is so much confortable.

2.- When I'm debbuging, i need to have a Watcher to evaluate expresions. 
I can do this using gdb dock zone and using the gdb command but the 
first inconvenience is that we must know the commands of gdb. There is 
any more easy way like Visual Studio dose.

I hope that somebody answer me

best regards


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