about outline plugin...

Freddy Martinez Garcia freddy.martinez at cbiomed.cu
Tue Mar 5 14:52:04 GMT 2013

Hi to everybody...

Somebody can tell me if KDevelop has any plugin to see the outline data 
just like Eclipse or QtCreator ??
 Let me explain me... I'll like to see in the right or left dock side the 
classes or functions that are defined in the open document.... just in the 
open document...

Right now, to see that information, I must to access to the out line are 
which on the top side of the system, but I'll like to see that information 
like we can see the Projecto information or the Classes information...

The problem with the classes dock information is that it show all classes 
defined by the open projects and I don't want that...

someone can tell me about it ??

best regards


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