Unable to debug in MAC

Luis Felipe Dominguez Vega lfdominguez at estudiantes.uci.cu
Wed Jan 23 19:14:49 GMT 2013

On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 07:51:09 PM Jose wrote:


I have recently been "forced" to move to MAC at work after years of 
using Ubuntu and Kdevelop. 

I managed to install Kdevelop on my MAC (mountain lion) using 

However, I am missing the debugging functionality. Simply. the 
"Configure Launches" menu
does not contain any "debug" sug-menus when I chose any of the 

I believe there is maybe a compilation flag to unable the debug and 
that was turned off 
by the port, probably due to the lack of any package or in purpose. 

Have anybody experienced the same issue? Have I perhaps missed
any step? 

Any help would be much appreciated since I use the debugger a lot.

Thanks in advance


My friend, i think that the kdevelop, all are plugins, so if the plugins of 
debug is not installed, then you can't debug, same as if the default plugin 
(GDB) is installed, but the GDB is not installed, is the same thing

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