CMake 2.8.9 [WAS: Re: Working sets]

Milian Wolff mail at
Sun Dec 15 20:11:39 GMT 2013

On Sunday 15 December 2013 14:42:16 Michael George Hart wrote:
> I am still old school using default openSuse 12.2
> I guess I am off the build from source code ride especially since NVIDIA
> CUDA 5.5 will not work gcc 4.8

A quick search yields:

Generally, ask the SuSe community, I'm sure there are backports of both GCC 
and CMake for 12.2.

Otherwise, stick to 4.6 as I said. In half a year, you might have an updated 
toolchain available (when we release 4.7).

Milian Wolff
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