Breakpoint keeps KDevelop (gdb?) from debugging

Oliver Schuppe Oliver.Schuppe at
Tue Nov 27 19:02:42 GMT 2012

Am 27.11.2012 schrieb David Narvaez:
> Is it a breakpoint inside a constructor?

No. But it's in a header file, if that matters (tried other header files 
which worked fine for me)

The code snipplet - the breakpoint goes to the "throw"-line:

template<class tKey, class tVal>
class StrictMap : public std::map<tKey, tVal>
     typedef typename std::map<tKey,tVal>::const_iterator const_iterator;
     typedef typename std::map<tKey,tVal>::iterator iterator;

     /// throws XBase when key is not in map
     const tVal& operator[](const tKey& fcr_key) const
         const_iterator it = this->find(fcr_key);
         if (it==this->end())
             throw XBase("StrictMap::operator[] const: Non existing map 
key was accessed!");
         return it->second;

// ...


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