Ideas for future releases

dAgeCKo dagecko at
Mon Nov 26 08:58:59 GMT 2012


here I have some comments and ideas for futures releases of kdevelop. I 
just hope this is a good place to talk about this (I previously added 
wishes in the bug report but I am not sure enough people read it and 
certainly it needs more information, thus this mail).

1) session issues

The first thing, that is somehow annoying is that kdevelop always starts 
the session that was firstly closed on the last boot. For example, let's 
say I have sessions 1 and 2. Then I close session 1, and then session 2. 
Then I reboot my computer. Then I start kdevelop. And the session that 
starts is the session 1.
Maybe I don't have good logic, but I would expect the last closed 
session to open on the next start (so here session 2).
A solution to avoid argue with this logic would be for kdevelop to open 
its starting page at every start (4.4 has a beautiful starting page that 
we see only the first time we start kdevelop...), and this would mimics 
a bit the way VS and other IDE work.

2) indentation and source formatting

Now, about indenting and source formatter. As said above, I made a 
subject on the bug report here:
It certainly requires a more complete information, so I hope people will 
be interested in it here.

The main problem I have with these things is that I cannot get the style 
which is mine (I know kdevelop doc says that). But I think, since many 
people use it that it would be nice to provide a more complete furniture.
For example, one would like to indent or not the public, private and 
protected keywords within a class:.
class X
public: // the way kdevelop works

    protected: // the way some would like it

Maybe they would like not to indent after a namespace scope:

namespace n
    // indented line (kdevelop way)

// maybe I would like it not indented

Of course, it would be absolutely nice if we can have something 
different for the headers and the source files.

An example of a good configurable editor is the qt creator one.

3) comments and indentation

It is also very annoying that the indentation is completely lost every 
times we end a line with a comment: then the next line always starts at 
the first column. If the whole line is a comment, then the next line 
will start at the same column than the previous one (so where the first 
// begins).
Here are some examples one could try:

       if (true)
          cout << "working indentation" << endl;

       if (true) // this comment destroys the indentation
          cout << "this line started at the first column. why ?" << endl;

       // the next line will be correctly indented
       cout << "this line starts well, under the first /" << endl;

//    this line is more problematic. ctrd-d creates such comments
       cout << "this started at column 1, under the first /" << endl;

If you think one of these ideas deserve a full topic, please let me know.

Thanks for reading this.

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