How to configure build output toolview

dAgeCKo dagecko at
Sun Nov 25 18:41:20 GMT 2012

Le 25/11/2012 18:27, Pradeep K. Shima a écrit :
> Thanks for quick reply Milian !
> No I am not using cmake. Just plain make.
> make on command line works just fine, it shows the exact compile command
> being issued.
> But through kdevelop, it only says "Compiling filename.cpp (g++)"

I don't have this and I use autotools. The output seen from kdevelop is 
exactly the same than the output from the command line, for me.
If you use a plain makefile, maybe you can try to create full autoconf, 
automake files for your projects ? From (or .ac) you can 
then choose the verbosity:

m4_ifdef([AM_SILENT_RULES], [AM_SILENT_RULES([yes])])

will make a quite silent output (CXX, instead of the full line 
g++ -D.... -c -..... -o file.o

for example.

Hope that could help.

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