How to configure build output toolview

Milian Wolff mail at
Sun Nov 25 16:32:34 GMT 2012

On Sunday 25 November 2012 16:21:36 Pradeep K. Shima wrote:
> The build output tool view only shows the files being compiled.
> How I can choose the verbosity of output ? How can I say, for example, that
> I want raw output of the make command ?
> This used to be possible in Kdevelop 3 I guess.

KDevelop just runs make and does not filter it. You probably use a make file 
generator like e.g. CMake, no? Then, you probably want the output of "make 
VERBOSE=1"? Try to add that (i.e. "VERBOSE=1") as an additional make option in 
configure project -> make.

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