Kdevelop and audio without KDE

dAgeCKo dagecko at free.fr
Wed Nov 21 15:54:03 GMT 2012

Le 07/10/2012 18:37, Gunther Piez a écrit :

Strangely, I received your mail today (more a month later), just like 4 
other mails from this mailing list.

> If you use a source based distribution like Gentoo, it is simple:
> Rebuild without the appropriate USE flags (-phonon). Thats how I got rid
> of it and other crap^H^H^H^H stuff like semantic-desktop. If you cut
> down the non working pre alpha stuff still present, kde is actually
> quite usable and functional :-)

This is what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I found nothing 
interresting for this in the CMakelist.txt. And as an autotools user I 
am a bit lost with cmake. Please, let me know where to look for, in 
order to disable this since I also tried to look with the cmake GUI 
tool, but found nothing in both kdevelop and kdevplatform.

> I don't know if a similar mechanism exists in Debian, but if you don't
> use kde besides in kdevelop you could build kdelibs and kdevelop by
> yourself and disable everything except the stuff you need in 'configure'.

There are some eases to build from source files in debian as long as you 
use the source packages provided by the distribution. But I never tried 
them yet.

> - Gunther
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