KDevelop 4.2.3: debugging session is interrupted

Roman Suvorov windj007 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 07:14:53 UTC 2012


After a couple of updates I'm unable to reproduce that bug. KDevelop does
not crash anymore.

When I try to watch variable value (it contains text in cp1251) KDevelop
shows me popup with some information (the same as during watching any other
variable). When I try to 'print text' in GDB console it says me:

Python Exception <type 'exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError'> 'utf8' codec can't
decode byte 0xef in position 0: invalid continuation byte

Also I enabled KDevelop's full debug output in KDebugDialog and KDevelop
did not show anything during debug session.

Thank you!

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