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Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at
Thu Mar 8 09:46:49 GMT 2012

Dear Milian, dear all,

> starting with a clean config (new user or alternatively backup your kdev*
> files in ~/.kde/share/config/ and ~/.kde/share/apps/), find a way to reproduce
> it and report it as a bug on

It seems I can reproduce it in this (a bit involved) way.

1. Open kdevelop in Code mode without any open file.
2. No toolbar is opened
3. Open ProblemReporterView (at the bottom)
4. Close kdevelop

Now ~/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc shows (I think correctly) the line

       view on bottom=org.kdevelop.ProblemReporterView

under the section [User Interface][Main Window 0][Area code]

5. Open again kdevelop. It opens correctly in Code mode with
ProblemReporterView opened
6. Close ProblemReporterView pressing the x
7. Close kdevelop

The line in ~/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc has (I think correctly) disappeared

8. Open again kdevelop. It opens in Code mode **with
ProblemReporterView opened**
9 Close ProblemReporterView, close kdevelop and reopen it.
**ProblemReporterView is opened**

I've found also another interesting thing.

If after pass 8 I do:

9a. switch in Debug mode (or in Review mode)
10a. switch back in Code mode. **ProblemReporterView is now closed**
11a. Close and reopen kdevelop and now ProblemReporterView is closed

As a note whenever, in the previous procedure, I opened kdevelop from
the terminal it logged these lines

kdevelop(14708)/kdevplatform (shell)
KDevelop::SessionControllerPrivate::performRecovery: Starting recovery
from  .kde/share/apps/kdevelop/sessions/{254a4758-ee31-4462-a38c-8d62d70f3e3f}/recovery/current"

kdevelop(14708)/konsole Konsole::Session::run: Attempted to re-run an
already running session.

Can anyone confirm this bug?


Gabriele Monfardini

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