include file not found

Norbert Zawodsky norbert at
Mon Apr 9 12:40:50 BST 2012

Hello everybody!

I am subscribed to this list für quite some time now, but this is first 
post. Although I've got some C++ experience (20 years ago, I was a C++ 
programmer for a very big, well known company), I'm completely new to 
kdevelop and KDE-programming. Now I'd like to do some prgramming aggain, 
just for fun in my spare time.

For a start I installed kdevelop 4.3 and let it generate that little 
Hello world sample. The first thing I'd like to try is a connection to a 
mySQL Database, read a record and display it.

The package "mysql-C++-connector" is installed and known by kdevelop 
since "#include <mysql-connector/mysql_driver.h>" is autocompleted.

Now, what I do not understand is, while


is found by the compiler, it does NOT find


mysql_driver.h contains #include <cppconn/driver.h>
The exact compile error is

In file included from /ProgDev/test3/test3/main.cpp:3:0:
/usr/include/mysql-connector/mysql_driver.h:30:28: fatal error: 
cppconn/driver.h: No such file or directory

And I noticed that kdevelop behaves the same. While kdevelop finds 
mysql-connector/mysql_driver.h, it doesn't find 
mysql-connector/cppconn/driver.h too.

How can I solve this?


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