C++11 and "noexcept" keyword

Ivan Shapovalov intelfx100 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 11:06:23 BST 2012


I've just updated my GCC toolchain to 4.7.0 and noticed one nasty detail that 
makes KDev's auto-completion with STL nearly unusable.
They now use a new C++11 keyword "noexcept" to mark some methods, which is not 
currently supported by KDevelop C++ parser.

I have written initial support for "noexcept" specifier parsing (it is saved to 
If nobody had implemented it yet - what is the best way to upload patches?

And, by the way - is it possible to semantically handle that specifier (so 
functions will be marked as "noexcept" in Quick Information), or DUChain is 
too abstract for this?

Reference for "noexcept" specifier:

Reference for "noexcept" operator:

Ivan S.

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