Working sets

Leon Pollak leonp at
Thu Apr 5 15:54:40 BST 2012

Hello, all.

May be this is incorrect name "working set", but this seems to be 
written on the tab...

Anyway, usually there are three tabs at the right upper side called 
"Review", "Debug", and "Code".

Suppose that in the "Code" set in the file A was done some work and 
debug session was launched. This automatically switch me to the debug 

Now, while tracing the program I passed several files A, B, C, D and 
found some bug in the file E. here it is, just on the screen!

After pressing "ESC" key to finish the debug session, I find myself in 
the file A. And were is E with the bug? God knows....

What do I do incorrect here? How must the working session look like?

Thanks ahead for the clarification.

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