remote debugging

Leon Pollak leonp at
Sun May 1 13:35:31 UTC 2011

On Sunday May 1 2011, Mahmood Naderan wrote:
> > while the "kdevelop" side connects to the target usng "target remote"
> > protocol
> >From which menu?
There is no such a menu. You need to write set of commands in your .gdbinit 
Mine looks like following:
shell cp /Projects/CSU/BuildARM/debug/csu /opt/FS_DVRM/home/csu
set remote exec-file /home/csu
file /Projects/CSU/BuildARM/debug/csu
target extended-remote
br main
Line1: copies the copmiled executable from my machine to the target machine, 
which file system is mounted in as NFS.
Line2: Defines the executable for gdbserver on the target machine.
Line3: Defines the ELF file for the gdb to look for names, lines, sorce code, 
Line4: defines for the gdb to connect to the remote machine for debugging. At 
this moment the gdbserver must be running.
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