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Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Jul 6 15:01:31 BST 2011

On Tuesday 05 July 2011 20:25:21 Milian Wolff wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 July 2011 14:36:37 Leon Pollak wrote:
> > The 3.5.5 version had an option how to start the debugger with "Debug" or
> > "GDB" tool view active.
> > Does the new 4.x version has something similar - was not able to find.
> > If no - are there any chances to have it?
> In KDev 4 you should always be in the "debug" area (see top right tabs)
> when debugging. Since toolviews are area-dependent you can setup this area
> to your likings and should solve your issue?
Thanks, Milian.

Yes, I am in the "debug area", but when I enter it, pressing F9, the bottom 
tool automatically opened is the "debug" tool. As I am mostly doing remote 
debugging, that is why the "debug" tool seems to be of no use for me. 
Contrary, the "gdb" tool is the mostly used one, as all of the communication 
with the remote target appears in it.

So, the question is - if it is possible to "return" (from 3.5.5) the option to 
choose between "debug" and "gdb" to be opened by default (per project).

Thanks again.

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