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2011/7/4 Milian Wolff <mail at>

> Daniel Gore, 30.06.2011:
> > 1. PROBLEM: unable to build perforce-plugin
> >
> > <  git://>
> This is an unofficial plugin and you'll have to ask the author for feedback
> and help.

Please note that the perforce plugin moved closer to 'home' from gitorious

As of right now the two repositories are (still) in sync, so wheter you use
one repo or the other should have no bearing on build problems. I would
however _strongly_ advise that you use the repo at kde, since future
development will take place there.

Now, with regard to Daniels problem, I'm not sure that I (at the moment )
can be of any more help than to ask if  /usr/lib/cmake/kdevplatform/ does
indeed contain a KDevPlarformConfig.cmake file. However, the first mail seem
to suggest that you have looked there and found that file.

Does anyone else on the list have any ideas to what is going on here?


Morten D. Volden

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