Building a library and executable with 300 C++ files.

Leon Pollak leonp at
Mon Nov 29 15:08:49 GMT 2010

On Monday November 29 2010, Michael Hart wrote:
> I know this to be very simple to do with Kdevelop 3.x.y and for that matter
> MV visual studio
> Today is my last attempt to use Kdevelop4 and because kdevelop3 is broken
> under all versions of openSuSE 11.x I have to totally abandon the Kdevelop
> environment in favor of something else for the only great think I see about
> Kdevelop 4 thus far is the intellisence of the editor.
> I have about 300 C++ files in a directory and all I want to compile them
> into a libraries and executable without resorting to some type of manual
> convolution with the build system such as Cmake
> Kdevelop 3 and for that matter all the other IDEs I have ever used over
> that past 10 years you simply add the file to a project or even easier a
> directory and you are ready to build.
> Kdevelop 4 environment seems to want me to manually manipulate
> CMakeList.txt file.
> Is there an automated way to make these CMakeLIst.txt files?
I use the following Cmake operator to compile everything in ./src directory:
Have you tried this?

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