Jumping to Bookmark

Nathan Hüsken nathan.huesken at posteo.de
Tue Nov 9 22:32:22 UTC 2010


Thanks. That works for bookmarks in the current file. Is there any way
to jump to bookmarks in the current project?


On 11/09/2010 08:14 PM, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 09.11.10 18:33:54, Nathan Hüsken wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using kdevelop 4.1.0. I have set some bookmarks in my source. Now I
>> want to jump to one of these bookmarks.
>> I searched a lot, I just can not find out how to do that ...
> The bookmarks are under Editor->Bookmarks in the menu and there's 2
> shortcuts for walking through the list (Alt+PageDwn/Up).
> Andreas

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