kdevelop 4.0.0

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Mon May 31 12:17:17 BST 2010

Hello, all.

Exiting the kdevelop4 causes the slave-socket to remain active for a long time 
- about 25-30s:

bash-4.1$ ps -AF|grep kdevel
leonp     7816  1935  0 43593  6664   0 14:04 ?        00:00:00 kdeinit4: 
kio_trash [kdeinit] trash local:/tmp/ksocket-leonp/klauncherMT1936.slave-
socket local:/tmp/ksocket-leonp/kdevelopSF7801.slave-socket

This causes the restart of the kdevelop to work weird and finally hang.

Is it a known problem or some my local case?


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