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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun May 30 12:41:02 BST 2010

On 30.05.10 12:09:04, Leon Pollak wrote:
> On Sunday May 30 2010, you wrote:
> > Thank you, Andreas again and again.
> > 
> > Just, please, is it safe to install the kdelibs-dev package from KDE3 while
> > I have KDE4 installed? Will not it override the files?
> Andreas, I checked the files in the kdelibs-dev package - there are not so 
> little of them that are already installed in my FC13 directories of the same 
> names and have different sizes.

You need the -dev package only for compiling and can uninstall it later
> Also, an attempt to compile the 3.5.5 source immediately fails with the 
> problem which is mentioned in the ToDo file:

I've never run into that when I was still compiling kdev3, sorry no idea
how to fix that.


Let me put it this way: today is going to be a learning experience.

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