Directories tree

Leon Pollak leonp at
Fri May 7 23:43:26 BST 2010


I installed the kdevelop1.0.0 and created the new C++ project with the wizard 
(hello world).

1. I received the PROJECT directory with 'build' & 'src' subdirs, while 
main.cpp file resides in the PROJECT directory. I expected it to be in the 
'src', but...

2. Anyway, main.cpp compiled and run. I added to it 
#include "sm.h"
line and put the sm.h file into 'src' directory. Compilation failed and it 
suggested me to add custom path. I agreed. After several attempts of different 
directories for "storage" and "automatic" I managed to satisfy the kdevelop 
itself -it now does not complain about sm.h file absence. Still, compilation 

Many thanks ahead...

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