Git support in KDevelop

Miha Čančula miha.cancula at
Sun Mar 28 11:28:06 UTC 2010

I saw (a little late, but not too late I hope) there's a GSoC idea for
better version control support in KDevelop. I am interested in doin this, so
I checked out the code in trunk to see what is there and what is not.

What struck me as odd is that there is no longer a Git plugin. I know it was
a project two years age, I know it was there in earlier betas, but was then
not updated. I remember being able to do commits with a list of changed
files, but not much else.

As I use both KDevelop and Git for development, I would like to improve
their integration. Is the old implementation worthless now due to some
changes, or can I find it somewhere to update/improve it?
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