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Tue Jun 22 18:35:05 UTC 2010

Milian Wolff said the following at 06/22/2010 03:32 AM :
> On Tuesday, 22. June 2010 09:47:22 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>> On 21.06.10 15:38:42, D. R. Evans wrote:
>>> This is presumably an idiotic question, but where oh where is some kind
>>> of explanation or manual describing how to use kdevelop 4.0.x?
>> There's none, there are some blogs about specific features on
>> but many are quite old already (1-2 years).
> I've started at least a rough documentation to help you getting started on 
> this page:

Thank you. It looks like a good start, although I think it assumes too much
pre-existing knowledge about kdevelop4 on the part of the user. But since
you ask for questions, perhaps we can fill in some of those knowledge gaps
(see below).

> I'd love if you could explicitly state your questions and put them on that 
> page once answered, so future users can get started.

Here you go, just to get started. (Once again, I'm coming to this from a
pretty long experience of IDEs, and I was surprised to discover that I
couldn't figure out everything I needed just by messing around; but I
really made very little progress at all.)

The context here is that I'm trying to bring a smallish C++ console project
of about 50 pre-existing files into kdevelop4.

1. The first menu is called "Session". There doesn't seem to be any
description of what a session is, nor why it is a useful concept. It's not

2. I did a "New From Template" and called the project "burble" (you can
tell this was a test to try to understand things), which created a simple
"Hello, World" project. But the structure of the project is non-obvious:

2a. There is a src directory, but it's empty. Since apparently source code
doesn't go in src, what does?
2b. There is no include directory; do include files go in the src
directory? If not, where are they expected to be?
2c. There is a source file, main.cpp, but it appears in two places: under
the main entry called "burble", and also under another entry called
"burble" which is _under_ the main "burble". Why are there two levels
called "burble", and why does the main.cpp appear under both?

3. How do I actually run the example program (a prior response in this
thread seemed to suggest that there's some way to do that from Run |
Configure Launches, but I don't see anything there that's germane at all).

4. I don't really want the example main.cpp. How do I replace it with my
own main file?

5. How do I add more source files?

6. How do I set compiler flags for the build?

That's enough for now. More will come later once I've made progress
understanding the answers to these.


PS FWIW, I also tried a completely different tack, trying to import my
pre-existing files as a project. When I do that, kdevelop4 seems to list
all the files in the left-hand plane, but it's not at all obvious how to do
anything with them. Hitting "Build" for example, just seems to execute
"make" without any parameters.


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