Debugging console application

Leon Pollak leonp at
Tue Jul 20 14:13:40 BST 2010

On Sunday July 18 2010, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 18.07.10 00:49:29, Leon Pollak wrote:
> > The old kdev3 FAQ says:
> > Debugging a console application : How do I get the console to show so I
> > can enter data?
> > In the Project Options dialog, go to the Debugger tab and check Enable
> > separate terminal for application IO
> I'm not sure that worked correctly, besides requiring konsole (IIRC)
> > And how do I do this in kdev4?
> You start the app in a separate terminal and then let kdevelop attach
> gdb to it using Run->Attach To Application.
> Andreas
This option does not take into account the gdb executable I defined in the 
"configure launches" dialog.
What do I miss?

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