Kdevelop 4 Tutorial

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Fri Jul 16 23:52:33 BST 2010

On Saturday July 17 2010, Michael.Schmidt at l-3com.com wrote:
> I just "upgraded" to kdevelop 4.  After using kdevelop 3 for years, I
> now have no idea what I'm doing.  Are there any documents on
> transitioning from kdevelop 3 to 4?  I'm surprised so many features are
> missing from kdevelop 4...
I was in your situation several months ago...:-)
It is a bit of problem to get used to a new environment...:-)
But today, after an effort, I can say that kdev4 is a big step forward! 
My deep bow to the kdev4 developers.

As nobody jumps to answer you, I am willing to do this to the extend of my 
small abilities...:- Please, feel free to ask...

As a guess, I feel that the first step fo migration will be to overcome the 
obstacles of CMAKE - you felt very comfortable with automake/conf, yes? If 
this is the issue - let me know, I shall TRY(!) to help, although I am very 
new to it too....


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