How do I...

Alexander Puchmayr alex at
Tue Feb 9 17:29:33 GMT 2010

Am Dienstag 09 Februar 2010 13:00:35 schrieb Valentin Pavlyuchenko:
> Hi,
> Here are the things I know:
> Using cmake:
> > 1) How do I create additional targets in the current project
> These commands define custom targets in cmake:
> add_executable()
> add_library()
> add_custom_target()

thanks for all that suggestions, but isn't managing the underlying build 
environment and its configuration files the job of an IDE? Why isn't there a 
dialog where I can add/modify the targets and kdevelop does all necessary 
steps to integrate them into the cmake-files (or other files if other tools 
are used) ? 


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