Call for Help: Drupalify the KDevelop website

amilcar at amilcar at
Tue Dec 28 23:32:26 GMT 2010

> Hey all,
> our current website is unmaintainable and contains lots of obsolete legacy
> content.
I still maintain the old code. But you are correct I haven't add any new
content in ages, so yes there is almost no KDev4 content.

> I want to improve that by creating a new website based on Drupal
> and
> link to the current website for legacy content (KDevelop 3.x).
Sounds good. But I would advise you to try and read the admin/howto.html
file to see what features you should implement to minimize regressions.

> I've started work on this today but any kind of help would be appreciated:
> - drupalify the current theme
> - setup drupal to our needs
> - fill with content
>   * create the required taxonomies
>   * check whether the menus work fine
>   * blocks (like Download), import other content (Screenshots, release
> news,
> ...)
>   * setup aggregator
I have no time this week, but I'll lend you a hand next week.

Regards from Portugal,
Amilcar Lucas

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