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Thu Dec 16 16:53:13 GMT 2010

On Thursday 16 Dec 2010 7:25:27 pm Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello, all.
> Although this is VERY basic simple question, I did not find an answer...:-(
> I am in kdevelop4.1. how do I:
> 1. Switch between debug and release modes?
> (There is "open configuration" dialog, but how it works - not clear).
> In kdev3 there was VERY(!!) comfortable way - Project->Build Configuration-> 
> Debug/Optimized/Default.
> 2. How do I define mode specific parameters? For example, in kdev3 I had 2 
> sets of options and 2 defines -DDEBUG / -DOPT. How can I do this in kdev4?
> A lot of thanks ahead.
Which build system are you using? Cmake support in kdevelop allows you to setup multiple directories and you could switch between them. Or you could edit the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE for the same build dir.

In any case, this all depends on your build system.

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