Auto-completion "eats" next symbol

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Mon Dec 13 11:46:25 GMT 2010

On Monday 13 Dec 2010 1:28:05 pm Leon Pollak wrote:
> On Monday December 13 2010, Kishore wrote:
> > On Monday 13 Dec 2010 7:23:05 am Kishore wrote:
> > > ...and if for any reason if this behavior cannot be changed... could the
> > > operation at least be split into two undo commands? One for the
> > > completion and the second for the deletion.
> > > 
> > > That way, you can at least get back the swallowed word with an undo step.
> > 
> > Damn! Next time i should read the whole thread before i say anything!
> > David, thanks for implementing this.
> Please, forgive me, I definitely missed something!
> But I also have this "eating" and did not find mails about this issue in the 
> list archive.
> Koshore, please, give me the link/reference on what can be done.

Sorry Leon, my bad. I replied to mail in the devel list but sent it the users list. Anyway, here is the archive copy link is [1]. If you are not subscribed to the list and hence can't read it i have attached David's mail to this mail.

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