watch window gone

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Sat Dec 4 13:35:20 GMT 2010

On Friday, December 03, 2010 23:38:11 Chris Bruner wrote:
> I've already written a bug report on this, but I was wondering if there
> is a way to force the window to open.
> When I go to debug a program the watch window is no longer available.
> Very frustrating.
> This is in 4.1.1 very recent gentoo compile.
> Can the watch window be opened somehow?

Sorry, what is the 'watch window'? KDevelop has 'variables' window, and I
don't think it ever had a window caleld 'watches'. The 'variables' window is
surely visible when you're in debug perspective.

Could you please specify exactly what you're doing, what you see, and
what you expect?


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