Debugger problem

Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Jun 10 13:35:33 BST 2009

Hello, all.

Now, when kdevelop is rather stable, I want to raise two more issues...:-)

Most of the people do not see these problems. but I, as embedded programmer, 
do see:

1.When I start the debugger, first it downloads the new SW into the target. 
This process may take significant time - from 3-4s for simple application till 
20-30 for big one.
If during the download, when the gdb console and debug tool bar buttons are 
grey, I set/unset break points, the actions are accepted, but only the first 
is really processed. Others are ignored, although red points are positioned.
When the download finishes, part of BP is removed.

2. When the application runs, an attempt to set several BP also works only for 
the first one - kdevelop issues the SIGSTOP window and BP is set. But any 
subsequent attempt to do this is ignored - I need to stop the application and 
only then set the BP.


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