Both 3.x and 4.x

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Jul 30 18:55:15 BST 2009

On 30.07.09 17:30:34, Leon Pollak wrote:
> I am curious to try the kdevelop 4 version, but am afraid to ruine my 
> currently working 3.5.4 version.
> Is there any way to have both versions running side by side?

There are two ways:

a) use a separate user for building and trying kdevelop4, this is the
safest option, but you'll need to use sux or kdesu or something similar
to start kdevelop under the same X server that your normal user account

b) install kdevelop4 into HOME/kde4 or similar and use the following
snippet in a shell file to setup the environment for running kdevelop4:

| export KDEDIRS=$HOME/kde4:/usr/
| export PATH=$HOME/kde4/bin:$PATH
| export KDEHOME=$HOME/.kde4
| kbuildsycoca4
| kdevelop

The first 2 lines just setup paths so KDevelop4 will find its plugins
and also be available in PATH before kdevelop3. The 3rd line makes sure
that KDevelop4 uses a separate configuration directory, so it doesn't
mess up the KDevelop3 config.

You can remove the 4th line after you have kdevelop4 up and running
once, running kbuildsycoca4 is only needed when installing new plugins.

Also KDevelop4 uses different project files, hence that won't clash with
kdevelop3's project files.

If you want to use distro packages for KDevelop4 Beta4 then you'll have
to go with route a) probably to not mess up the KDevelop3 config.

For more info how to compile KDevelop4 see:


You fill a much-needed gap.

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