[todo] Added a checkbox "Low case filenames" in the new class wizard

Ramon Zarazua rzarazua at digipen.edu
Sun Jul 12 01:10:24 BST 2009

>Hello !
>This is my first patch, tell me if I did something wrong ;)
>I added the possibility to choice between a low-case filename or not when  
>creating a new class.
>Example :
>The Apple class can be written :
>  - apple.cpp and apple.h
>  - Apple.cpp and Apple.h
>Just with a checkbox. The two attachments contain the diff files and the  
>affected files.

Why thank you. This looks good, I will probably apply it tomorrow.

Now for a recommendation, and a warning: patches should be sent to kdevelop-
devel, not kdevelop. Most of the code generation framework is going through 
changes of both API and implementation, so if you would like to work on 
another patch, just be warned that it might change from one day to the other, 
contact me or David Nolden(zwabel at googlemail.com), as we are currently working 
on it.

Ramon Zarazua
Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation
Digipen Institute of technology
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