how is the parser's selection working?

Timothy Hunter at
Fri Jul 3 07:16:22 BST 2009

when I use the current revision of Kdevelop with the eigen library, the parser 
does not seem to pick the headers of the form:
#include <Eigen/Array>
i.e. I do not get the nice syntax highlighting when I open such a file and the 
autocompletion does not suggest any content from the included files. Is there 
a way to force the parser to process these files?

Kdevelop's greatness hit me again today while working with a simple text 
editor. I am so used to type only a few letters and expect the autocompletion 
to work the way it should that I did not notice I was only writing the start 
of the variable names...

For information, the content of the file above is:


#include "Core"

#include "src/Core/util/DisableMSVCWarnings.h"

namespace Eigen {

/** \defgroup Array_Module Array module
  * This module provides several handy features to manipulate matrices as 
simple array of values.
  * In addition to listed classes, it defines various methods of the Cwise 
  * (accessible from MatrixBase::cwise()), including:
  *  - matrix-scalar sum,
  *  - coeff-wise comparison operators,
  *  - sin, cos, sqrt, pow, exp, log, square, cube, inverse (reciprocal).
  * This module also provides various MatrixBase methods, including:
  *  - boolean reductions: \ref MatrixBase::all() "all", \ref 
MatrixBase::any() "any", \ref MatrixBase::count() "count",
  *  - \ref MatrixBase::Random() "random matrix initialization",
  *  - a \ref MatrixBase::select() "select" function mimicking the trivariate 
?: operator,
  *  - \ref MatrixBase::colwise() "column-wise" and \ref MatrixBase::rowwise() 
"row-wise" reductions,
  *  - \ref MatrixBase::reverse() "matrix reverse",
  *  - \ref MatrixBase::lpNorm() "generic matrix norm".
  * \code
  * #include <Eigen/Array>
  * \endcode

#include "src/Array/CwiseOperators.h"
#include "src/Array/Functors.h"
#include "src/Array/BooleanRedux.h"
#include "src/Array/Select.h"
#include "src/Array/VectorwiseOp.h"
#include "src/Array/Random.h"
#include "src/Array/Norms.h"
#include "src/Array/Replicate.h"
#include "src/Array/Reverse.h"

} // namespace Eigen

#include "src/Core/util/EnableMSVCWarnings.h"


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