Wizard problem

Álan Crístoffer philippe.hac at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 23:35:22 GMT 2009

If you're having problems with the Run and Debug buttons (and if I
understood what you said well) than I had a similar problem.

I had to configure and reconfigure my project for Launch and Debug a
lot of times before it works, and it only works when I pass the full
path to the executable (there are two options, I don't know how to
setup the first one).

The Debug were more problematic, I don't know what I did exactly with
that one, but is like it was not saving my configurations (before I
`export MALLOC_CHECK=0`, it was breaking somewhere between I click OK
and Debug)

Álan Crístoffer

On 29/12/2009, Hector Gordon <hectoraigordon at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi list
>         After poking around for some time I still have problems with
> kdevelop 4. After initiating a new project with the wizard and clicking on
> 'build all projects' I execute 'launch' and receive the message "Could not
> start program". Make sure that the path is specified correctly". However, if
> I follow the sequence of files that the wizard has miraculously produced
> until I reach the icon denoting the 'object file' and click that, the embryo
> project appears instantly. Thus it appears that the application is unaware
> of the work it has just completed, strange! It is probable that it is I who
> am missing something but my efforts are not helped by the lack of
> documentation. Can someone please indicate what I must do?
>        All the best    Ian Gordon

Álan Crístoffer e Sousa

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