Wizard problem

Hector Gordon hectoraigordon at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 29 12:19:54 GMT 2009

Hi list
        After poking around for some time I still have problems with
kdevelop 4. After initiating a new project with the wizard and clicking on
'build all projects' I execute 'launch' and receive the message "Could not
start program". Make sure that the path is specified correctly". However, if
I follow the sequence of files that the wizard has miraculously produced
until I reach the icon denoting the 'object file' and click that, the embryo
project appears instantly. Thus it appears that the application is unaware
of the work it has just completed, strange! It is probable that it is I who
am missing something but my efforts are not helped by the lack of
documentation. Can someone please indicate what I must do?

       All the best    Ian Gordon
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