Compile errors in kdevelop4-extra-plugins

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Dec 23 17:48:13 GMT 2009

On 21.12.09 14:02:35, Álan Crístoffer wrote:
> Hi again,
> I'm having problems compiling kdevelop4-extra-plugins (all from svn)
> I have problems with:

Thats more or less a dumping ground for plugins that are not ready for real
use or simply not maintained. So no wonder its not compiling at all.
> I put all the error messages there but I only interested in Python and Ruby

They both don't do anything useful.

> support and the CppUnit thing that I don't know what does but looks useful.

Thats not possible to build currently (AFAIK) as it depends on a library
that has been moved to playground and doesn't build (IIRC).

> And since I using the svn version I missing GIT support (for projects) and
> the blue window in Debug mode that shows the variables values. What do I
> need to do get these back?

There's a git plugin there too, but I have no idea wether it works. And I'm
not sure which blue window you refer to, but variable values are shown in
the variables toolview and if you hover over a variable in the code. This
however needs a gdb 7.0


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