Compilation problem in trunk and 3.9.97

Álan Crístoffer philippe.hac at
Thu Dec 17 18:48:05 GMT 2009

I'm trying to compile KDevelop in KDE SC 4.4b1 (Qt  4.6, obviously - both
from Kubuntu ppa) and got some compilation problems when compiling from:

/home/alan/KDevelop/kdevelop/app/main.cpp: In function ‘int main(int,
/home/alan/KDevelop/kdevelop/app/main.cpp:137: error: ‘defaultSessionId’ is
not a member of ‘KDevelop::SessionController’

***tar'ed 3.9.97 (got from
In member function ‘T* DeclarationBuilder::openDeclarationReal(NameAST*,
AST*, const KDevelop::Identifier&, bool, bool, const
error: ‘class KDevelop::DUContext’ has no member named

KDevPlatfarom compiles ok (Boost:no, Suversion:yes)

any clues?
Álan Crístoffer e Sousa
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