proposal for new website design

Sam S. smls75 at
Wed Dec 2 11:22:57 GMT 2009

Hi KDevelop developers and community,

wouldn't it be great if in time for the KDevelop 4.0 release in March, would get a shining new website design & layout?
This could amplify the impact of this long-awaited release even further...

Anyhow, I thought this might be something where I as a KDevelop user
(and mailing list lurker) without extensive C++ knowledge could

So here is my proposal for how the front page could look
like in the future:

Please tell me:
  a) What do you think? Would you be in favour of theming the KDevelop
website like this?
  b) Any specific suggestions for improvements?

Note: This is until now only a muckup done in Inkscape. So nothing is
set in stone yet...

2nd Note: The big title logo (green boxes + "KDevelop") should merely
be considered as a placeholder for a (hopefully) still-to-be designed
new logo for KDevelop 4. (The green boxes are actually taken from
KDE's Oxygen icon theme, just as all the other icons/clipart in the
mockup). Amilcar mentioned to me someone might already be working on a
new KDevelop logo/icon - if that person would also provide a nice big
title graphic that could be used here, that would be really great.

3rd Note: In case anyone wonders, the design was inspired by the free
Acquia Marina theme ( for



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