KDevelop causing lengthy disk writes?!

Vladimir Prus vladimir at codesourcery.com
Thu Apr 23 16:52:23 BST 2009

Nick Savoiu wrote:

> I use KDevelop on a custom project. I've noticed that when I start debugging the project from
> within KDevelop there is a huge amount of disk writes for more than a minute (sometimes as long as
> 10 minutes). As soon as the program starts debugging (i.e. main() breakpoint is hit) the writes
> cease.
> I can't pin the problem 100% on KDevelop but when I run gdb on the same project from the command
> line there's no such disk writing activity. I also used strace during the 'writing' activity on
> both gdb and kdevelop and only kdevelop showed any 'writes'.
> I've attached the 'grep write strace.kdevelop | sort -u' below but I can't make much of it. GDB
> has no writes.
> Any ideas what could be going on? Is there a way to pinpoint which process is doing the writes (at
> a rate of 12MB/s)? I'm using KDE 3.5.10/KDevelop 3.5.4 on

To begin with, you can stop kdevelop while writes are happening (Ctrl-Z) and then look
in strace log, and then use lsof to figure what file is being written.

Alternatively, you can try attaching to kdevelop with gdb, and stopping it with Ctrl-C, getting
backtrace, and continuing repeatedly, to maybe catch the case where it's doing something with disk.

- Volodya

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