KDevelop4 open for testing/bug-reporting

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jul 6 23:14:36 BST 2008


I've just finished my latest round of bug-triaging on
KDevelop/KDevPlatform and we're now down to 98 Bugs and 127 wishes.
Those are the ones that are

a) valid bugs against KDevelop3 or KDevelop4 (not all are confirmed as I
couldn't reproduce some of them)

b) wishes that we might implement at some point for KDevelop4 (some of
the wishes are actually "will for sure be implemented")

I've done this because my personal todo-list started to grow beyond
control, which means I need a proper tracking system to know what needs
to be done, wether somebody else is working on it or maybe its already
fixed. This also means other KDevelop Developers should use our

Now I know I've closed bugreports against KDevelop4 as invalid because
its in a too-early-stage and keeps changing constantly. Given that we
developers now use bugzilla for KDevelop4 I'd find it strange/dishonest
to keep telling that to interested "alpha testers". 

So this means: If you try out KDevelop4 and find something thats not
working as you'd expect it (or you find a crash, with a proper
backtrace): Please open a bugreport against KDevelop or KDevPlatform (if
you're unsure just select KDevelop as produce and I'll re-assign if
needed). I'd like to request though that you don't open wishlist items
for things that exist in KDevelop3 and haven't been ported to KDevelop4
- for now (probably until the .0.0 release).

A few other suggestions I'd like to make:

- first try to find an existing bug, not only by relying on bugzilla's
  feature using your keywords but also quickly scanning through the list
  (its just 100 items now)
- if its a crash, we need a backtrace with debug symbols not only from
  kdevelop but also kdelibs and qt-copy
- for build-errors please wait a day before reporting them, we're just
  humans and sometimes just forget to add a file or commit in a parent
  directory as well. Usually thats quickly fixed within the next 24

I might have forgotten something in the list which I might add later on,
if I can remember.

In general: Keep in mind we're doing the development in our spare time
and while using bugzilla is important for good development tracking its
also important that it stays usable. Which means bugreports need to be
precise and contain reproduction information/screenshots/backtraces and
getting swamped by bugreports isn't fun either :)


Your fly might be open (but don't check it just now).

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