Crash after update

Alvin alvinbeach at
Mon Jan 14 11:04:19 GMT 2008

On Monday 14 January 2008 05:46:58 Leon Pollak wrote:
> hello, all.
> I confess here that I am an idiot and bag for an urgent help.
> Recently I did "yum update" on my FC8 machine (idiot!!!) and after restart
> of it today's morning kdevelop crashes.
> It starts, opens till the end the project (tested with several different
> projects), stays opened for 3-4 minutes and then crashes even if i do not
> touch a thing in my PC, just sitting and waiting.
> I tried to run older versions of kdevelop till 3.4.90-24 - the same
> problem.

> I desperately need the kdevelop running ASAP!!!
> Please!!! Help!!!
> Please!!! Help!!!
> Please!!! Help!!!

I had this happen before, especially when I tried to open a project made from 
different versions of kdevelop. Try deleting your .pcs file in your project 
directory. Also delete all the files found in 

After doing this, I find kdevelop is happy to open my project. :)


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