[PATCH] Build configuration hints

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Feb 16 18:28:33 UTC 2008

On 16.02.08 18:00:38, Nicolai Hähnle wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> after stumbling through the steps necessary to build KDevelop from KDevelop, 
> I've tried my hands at adding hints when something isn't configured yet, so 
> that future newbies like myself hopefully won't be as mystified.
> I've attached three patches:
> #1: Instead of just doing nothing when the buildset is empty, actions like 
> Build, Install, etc. will show a message box explaining the situation.
> #2: Add tooltips to the buildset '+' and '-' buttons in the Project Manager 
> view.
> #3: When Build/Install fails before an OutputView is even opened, show a 
> message box stating that the user probably has to Configure Project first.
> The idea is to add these hints to KDevelop itself, where it can't be missed, 
> instead of to the tons of documentation on the website.
> This is the first time ever that I've touched KDevelop code, and it's the 
> first time in ages that I've touched KDE code, so please tell me if the 
> patches should be improved.

First of all: Thanks for the patches. I'll look deeper into them later
and see if they're ok.

Second: Building kdev4 from kdev4 is something that we don't yet really
support. That is kdev4 is not yet supposed to be used for real work.

Last but not least: IMHO kdev4 should just run configure() before
building if necessary, however there's no code yet to do that. And
there's nobody yet with the time to implement that. Showing message
boxes is something for a fatal error, but not something that should be
done if there are ways to proceed.


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